Boulder Burlesque

Where The Profane Is Sacred.

Advanced Troupe

Madame Merci

Madame of Boulder Burlesque, Founder, Creator of Conscious Burlesque, Executive Board Chair

Mademoiselle Tangerine

Venue Recruitment, Leadership Team, Advanced Performer, Executive Board Member

Gipsy Pistol

Beginning Troupe Choreographer, Pole Dance Instructor, Leadership Team, Advanced Performer, Executive Board Member

Agent Sauvage

Board Member, HR, Social Media, Advanced Troupe Performer

Sassy Cassy

 Leadership Team, Board Member, Advanced Performer

Sarah Sparkles

Board Member, Treasurer, Advanced Troupe Performer


Board Member, Member At Large, Web Designer, Advanced Troupe Performer

Sovereign Ravenesqua

Choreography Assistant, Workshop Assistant, Tour Manager, Advanced Performer


Velvet Dream

Social Media, Beginning Troupe Assistant, Advanced Troupe Performer

Atalanta Mystery

Advanced Performer

Lady Shade

Costume Designer, Advanced Troupe

Lady Sombra

Advanced Troupe Performer

Mordecai Mordecom

Videographer, Graphic Designer, Advanced Performer

Lady Luna

Advanced Performer

Valkyrie Rose

Content Creator, Production Manager (Fringe), Advanced Troupe Performer

Birthday Parties

Let us help you dance the night away with a burlesque birthday bash! Our performers will travel to you and make your event a night to remember! Burlesque performances, lap dances, burlesque lessons you name it! We want to celebrate you.

Bachelorette Parties

You can travel to our studio in Boulder or we will come to you! This ones for the girls- Champagne toasts, develop a burlesque character, learn a choreographed burlesque routine and more. Don’t forget your boa- book a burlesque bachelorette party to celebrate in style!


Corporate Events

Holiday party, anniversary party, or private event we have you covered! A selection of ladies will delight your guests with an evening of burlesque glamour. Our deluxe party packages include burlesque performances with our leadership crew. After we perform we are likely to stick around and celebrate with you (we love it).


We perform large shows quarterly. Stay up-to date with our show happenings by regularly checking our website or get the latest and greatest burlesque news, happenings, and photos by following us on Facebook.

Recent Blog Posts

Where The Profane Is Sacred.

Conscious Burlesque Workshop Performance

It is such a privilege to introduce our newest Boulder Burlesque troupe members. These beauties are on the verge of completing their Conscious Burlesque workshop performance tonight and being initiated into the Boulder Burlesque community. They are beautiful, wise,...

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