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Pole dance is sexy, approachable and the movement feels fantastic for all involved!  

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Pole Dancing In Boulder

Come join us for Pole Dancing class every Monday at 7pm at Alchemy of Movement: 2436 30th St. Boulder, CO 80301. Come in clothing you feel sexy and comfortable in. Shorts or booty shorts are highly encouraged and ill help your body stick to the pole! Drop in rate: $18, your second class at Alchemy is free!

  • This Pole dancing class is taught by Sarah Sparkles.

  • There are 3 rules:

  • 1. No Matter What happens you have to bring it up sexy! If you fall, feel awkward, or are wobbly in heels we always finish our moves by bringing it up sexy!
  • 2. You have to support on other dancer throughout the night! If that means cheering someone on or spotting then in a new trick we hold an environment of support and collaboration as key to a successful pole dancing night!
  • 3. Try something new. Whether you are a beginner or advanced in every class we ask that you try at least one new trick!

Wear shorts! you really want your legs exposed so you can stick firmly to the pole! We recommend shorts and a sports bra for maximum skin exposure to really securely latch onto the pole!


Located at Alchemy Of Movement in Boulder, CO

Alchemy of movement is adorned with inviting decor to create a playful and lavish setting for your special occasion. We offer pre-packaged or individualized parties to suit your needs and to ensure a party beyond compare.


Facilitated By Madame Merci and Gipsy Pistol

Have the time of your life at your very own pole party! Madame Merci and Gipsy pistol provide a fun, safe, and sassy environment. They will help make your special event most memorable!


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