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Conscious Burlesque

Conscious Burlesque® is a dance therapy modality that helps women fire up their inner spark, evoke their sensual nature, and explore their hidden shadows.

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Conscious Burlesque® is a dance therapy modality that helps women fire up their inner spark, evoke their sensual nature, and explore their hidden shadows. This practice allows women to find parts of themselves that have been hidden or missing for some time. Through intimate, transformative processes, individualized attention from Madame Merci and sacred performance women discover what has been missing – their innate fire.  
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Burning Man Brutality

Burning Man was devastatingly beautiful and by the same token tragically challenging. Each person who travels to that dusty wasteland has their own tale to tell… but people; this event kicked my ass! I consider myself a camper, I’ve been camping since I was very young, but this is NOT camping.   Day one: I got completely lost! Being lost at Burning Man at night is a bit like being lost on the moon. I took an art car (shaped like a giant fish) to the middle of the Playa (without my bike) and then spent 4 hours walking aimlessly in circles (the city is set up in circles -circles and random triangles). I was without water, in below freezing temperatures; by the end of the night I felt completely defeated, exhausted, dehydrated, and sad. When I returned home I cried for nearly an hour -sobbed actually. The kind of crying you do when you’re a kid and you can hardly breath. I kept most of my camp awake during this time too (slight shame gulp). I think somehow this event triggered a primal fear. A fear of death, aloneness, and being consumed by the darkness in that cold night. They say you get the Burn you need not the one that you want; perhaps the point of this event is to die unto yourself. When I emerged from my little death I was so tender. I remained close to my loved ones and didn’t adventure as fully or wildly as I imagined I would.  The next day began with dust storms that lasted nearly 8 hours. Dust is a generous statement it...
Are you interested in exploring Conscious Burlesque®? Have you always wanted to dance but you’ve been a little afraid to jump in? Or are you finally ready to explore a new edge? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!
The Online Conscious Burlesque® Class is a combination of burlesque technique and group choreography.  You can practice the art of Conscious Burlesque from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a computer and wi-fi access and you can join Madame Merci from anywhere in the world!

Say Yes!

“If we affirm one single moment, we thus affirm not only ourselves but all existence. For nothing is self-sufficient, neither in us ourselves nor in things; and if our soul has trembled with happiness and sounded like a harp string just once, all eternity was needed to produce this one event—and in this single moment of affirmation all eternity was called good, redeemed, justified, and affirmed.” —Nietzsche I am a yes person. I have been told this so many times throughout my life. Yes is my response to most adventures, most new experiences, most people, flavors, and novelties. I actually just assumed this was normal. I have met a few no people. As a yes person no people generally have a lot to say to me. They say no to new ideas, no to risks, no to business ventures. No, no, no. I think no may have been my first word but I’ve realized that yes is so much more fun. Yes is possibility; yes is openness; yes is learning; yes is opportunity; yes is boundless limitless fun. Recently I was invited to perform with The Dance Your Soul dance troupe as a guest performer. This may not seem like a big deal however, I was sitting poolside when invited and the show was in 1.5 hours (normally it takes me 4-6 hours to prepare for one of my own shows!) “Yes,” I squealed, nearly jumping out of my lounge chair.  Before I knew it I was rapidly preparing for the show. As I threw together my costume and curled my hair and debated what dance to perform- it... read more

Twerking The Great Wall

Inside I have an inner twerker- when I’m in situations that squish me, or make me feel small, I gaze at that little shaking Mama and she brings a smile to my lips. I’m traveling to China, and I will not be leading any burlesque there (yet!). My little inner twerker- she will be shaking it the entire time! Shake it from the inside- even if you are feeling small, confined, and restrained! And who knows, If I simply can’t contain my inner twerking love, maybe I’ll sneak away and get a booty shaking video next to the Great Wall to bring back. With Love, Check out Madame Merci’s Recent Twerking Adventure in China: Email... read more

Reverence To The Strip

“The art of the strip becomes a shedding of layers. We shed layers of doubt, of insecurity, and of cultural taboos that have held us and that so many are still held by. We dance for ourselves and we dance for others. We dance for a type of freedom that very few ever have the privilege to feel.” -Madame Merci I have been a Madame of Boulder Burlesque for several years now and have led Conscious Burlesque workshops across the United States.  We practice a form of burlesque that is called Conscious Burlesque. In Conscious Burlesque the traditional burlesque performance is modernized and infused with personal narratives and often the dancer’s individual relationship with sexuality and intimacy. It is a bit like neo-burlesque meeting fine art narratives. Our troupe has been through many renditions. We have experienced continuous changes in performers, types of acts, and venues. The thread that remains continuous is the power of the dance and the power of intention with which our performers engage in their art. We have put on performance pieces that are sweet, light and funny, and also darker shadowy pieces that explore sexual taboos and edges. Each piece, regardless of the genre, is a teaching for both performer and audience. More recently our troupe has delved into gender-bending exploration and we have put on a number of Drag-lesque performances (drag + burlesque). This exploration has unearthed more questions then answers and left both performers and audience caught in the intrigue and beauty of the grey area between gender norms. Initially embarking in this work I had no idea what I was doing... read more

An Integration: Sex, Shame, and Following Your Heart.

A keynote about Shame, Sex, and Following Your Heart by Jenna Noah aka Madame Merci at The Denver Civic Center Amphitheater speaking at SlutWalk 2015. In this blog Jenna discusses overcoming personal shame and stigma related to being both a burlesque dancer and a therapist. Cheers to integration, working with shame spots (even when it is uncomfortable), and to stepping fully into who you are in order to do what you love. Love, Jenna Noah aka Sex Therapist, Founder of Conscious Burlesque MA Contemplative Psychology, PhD (Pending) Jenna Noah aka Madame Merci works as a sex therapist in Boulder, CO. She sees clients in person and online (Via Skype). Jenna received her Masters degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University and is currently pursuing her PhD at Saybrook University with a specialization in Existential Therapy. Her dissertation is focused on sexuality and female empowerment. Jenna is the founder of Conscious Burlesque®. She teaches Conscious Burlesque® workshops, offers private lessons, leads dance classes, and performs regularly. Want to know more about our Fall online and in person workshops? The waiting List is already beginning to fill up! Find out more.  Don’t Miss The Latest And Greatest Conscious Burlesque Updates and Messages. Email... read more
I took a burlesque workshop with Madame Merci over a year ago and haven’t missed one since! It has completely changed the way I feel about myself! I was always trying to hide who I was and was terrified of what others thought of me. Through therapy and burlesque I have completely changed the way I feel about myself. No amount of therapy could have done what conscious burlesque has done for me! I say with highest honor… thank you. You have helped transform my life. Sinful Serenity

Workshop Attendee

By showing my body to others in a way that allows me to express those attributes I thought I should hide, I feel a new freedom. I am blooming.  I am showing my true colors, and it feels wonderful.  It’s about allowing myself to shine and giving others the permission to do the same. Thank you, Madame Merci, for the joyous gift you’ve allowed me to safely unwrap. Bloomin' Bad

Workshop Attendee

The normalized approach in our society of either repressing or exploiting sexuality has created a relationship to sexuality that can often be experienced as taboo, dirty, unholy, and covered in veils. In my mind the mission of Conscious Burlesque is to bring all this and even more in to the light and embracing the sacred and profane while reclaiming our sexuality and sensuality for what it is. Serenity Calipso


In the weeks after, I watched dozens of YouTube videos of “regular” burlesque, and attended a live show in Boulder.  Fun.  Interesting.  I get it.  “Regular” burlesque is a jocose risqué parody that revels in sexuality in the numerous places where our society is typically prudish.  As such, it does us a great service. Last night I attended my second show of conscious burlesque.  It sizzled.  I found it even more satisfying than “regular” burlesque.  It wasn’t just gorgeous booty.  It is a story of human psyche, of love gained and love lost. Paul Paiva

M.Div., M.A., CoCreative Journeys