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Conscious Burlesque

Conscious Burlesque® is a dance therapy modality that helps women fire up their inner spark, evoke their sensual nature, and explore their hidden shadows.

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Conscious Burlesque® is a dance therapy modality that helps women fire up their inner spark, evoke their sensual nature, and explore their hidden shadows. This practice allows women to find parts of themselves that have been hidden or missing for some time. Through intimate, transformative processes, individualized attention from Madame Merci and sacred performance women discover what has been missing – their innate fire.  

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My Feminism- Conscious Burlesque

  During my time at Naropa for my undergraduate degree I began a self-study course in sexuality, female empowerment, and body image. I was essentially on my own. Naropa, although diverse and idiosyncratic, did not have a single class related to sexuality. On one of our required meditation retreats, I began brainstorming on how I could bring to life a self-study that would allow me, and my more adventurous classmates, to explore our sexuality playfully, visually, and, most importantly, together. Our cohort, like most, was of mixed experiences and ages; however, most of us were in our late 20s and had moved to Boulder from various places. We had all left our lives behind for pursuit of a higher education, a better understanding of ourselves, and the ability to help others. Naropa, we had hoped, had picked us like a farmer at work in his garden, as the best ingredients to pair together; a select group of adventurers and hopefully friends to find ourselves among each other and hopefully become something better, each learning from the other in a balance, if not balanced. It was a time to get to know each other, as well as discover us through each other’s eyes. We learned to unashamedly explore our own minds, our blind spots, and our relationships. It was a breeding ground for lust, relationships, crisis, freedom, fun, self-reflection, and personal growth in a relatively consequence-free environment. Naturally, our relationships grew, as did our desires. Perhaps it was because so many people were attracted to so many people or perhaps it was because it was a melting-pot of transformation, but... read more
Are you interested in exploring Conscious Burlesque®? Have you always wanted to dance but you’ve been a little afraid to jump in? Or are you finally ready to explore a new edge? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!
The Online Conscious Burlesque® Class is a combination of burlesque technique and group choreography.  You can practice the art of Conscious Burlesque from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a computer and wi-fi access and you can join Madame Merci from anywhere in the world!

Say Yes!

“If we affirm one single moment, we thus affirm not only ourselves but all existence. For nothing is self-sufficient, neither in us ourselves nor in things; and if our soul has trembled with happiness and sounded like a harp string just once, all eternity was needed to produce this one event—and in this single moment of affirmation all eternity was called good, redeemed, justified, and affirmed.” —Nietzsche I am a yes person. I have been told this so many times throughout my life. Yes is my response to most adventures, most new experiences, most people, flavors, and novelties. I actually just assumed this was normal. I have met a few no people. As a yes person no people generally have a lot to say to me. They say no to new ideas, no to risks, no to business ventures. No, no, no. I think no may have been my first word but I’ve realized that yes is so much more fun. Yes is possibility; yes is openness; yes is learning; yes is opportunity; yes is boundless limitless fun. Recently I was invited to perform with The Dance Your Soul dance troupe as a guest performer. This may not seem like a big deal however, I was sitting poolside when invited and the show was in 1.5 hours (normally it takes me 4-6 hours to prepare for one of my own shows!) “Yes,” I squealed, nearly jumping out of my lounge chair.  Before I knew it I was rapidly preparing for the show. As I threw together my costume and curled my hair and debated what dance to perform- it... read more

Conscious Burlesque has a New Home! 

I am thrilled to announce that I am the new operating manager and co-owner of Alchemy of Movement! This dance studio has changed my life. Since I first walked through the doors of Alchemy I have known freedom, the power of unbridled movement, and the joy of community. Alchemy was the place the Boulder Burlesque dance troupe was born! It is currently the home of my private psychotherapy practice, and a self-care center for me and so many others. This transition feels natural and like a coming full circle for me. The most exciting part -Conscious Burlesque has a new official home! Dance classes, Burlesque Workshops, and Sex Talk groups will all be held in this gorgeous space! I am honored to be able to offer myself to the community and spirit of Alchemy. I know Conscious Burlesque will be able to thrive in this gorgeous space. Thank you to my friend and new business partner Lucy Wallace for all the you have taught me about the wisdom of unabashedly being yourself and all the heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears you have devoted to Alchemy thus far! I am grateful to be part of Alchemy’s next phase and I sense a great potential in this transition for Alchemy, the growth of Conscious Burlesque, and for each of us personally! Xo,       Check us out: read more

Consent is sexy.

Consent is sexy. (aka How To Prevent Rape). After two amazing nights performing at Erotica Exotica’s: kink carnival one thing was made incredibly clear: consent is sexy! Participants at Erotica Exotica were invited to enjoy hot wax, shibari (rope bondage), spankings, nipple play, and electric play. Those not participating actively in the carnival booths were invited to huddle around the carnival stations and watch (after all, voyeurism is participation). Consent was a major topic of discussion at both events. The definition of consent is  “to permit, approve, or agree,” ( This boils down to not taking what you want without being given permission. At the event it was repeated, “Just because you like the way someone looks doesn’t mean you have the right to touch them.” This seems like fairly rudimentary concept. However, on a holiday such as halloween where ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are running a muck this can be overlooked.  The two events were very different. In Boulder, several participants expressed how safe they felt and how much fun they had exploring erotic edges in a tight container. At the event it was shared how it feels to be touched without permission. When my ass is grabbed at a party, or frankly even if I am touched unexpectedly by a stranger in a line at a coffee shop, I feel gross. I get a sinking sensation in my gut and I often feel myself contract and freeze. After being touched without consent it feels as if something has been taken from me. I have a habit when someone who is not in my circle of trust touches me unexpectedly to let them know I didn’t... read more

An Integration: Sex, Shame, and Following Your Heart.

A keynote about Shame, Sex, and Following Your Heart by Jenna Noah aka Madame Merci at The Denver Civic Center Amphitheater speaking at SlutWalk 2015. In this blog Jenna discusses overcoming personal shame and stigma related to being both a burlesque dancer and a therapist. Cheers to integration, working with shame spots (even when it is uncomfortable), and to stepping fully into who you are in order to do what you love. Love, Jenna Noah aka Sex Therapist, Founder of Conscious Burlesque MA Contemplative Psychology, PhD (Pending) Jenna Noah aka Madame Merci works as a sex therapist in Boulder, CO. She sees clients in person and online (Via Skype). Jenna received her Masters degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University and is currently pursuing her PhD at Saybrook University with a specialization in Existential Therapy. Her dissertation is focused on sexuality and female empowerment. Jenna is the founder of Conscious Burlesque®. She teaches Conscious Burlesque® workshops, offers private lessons, leads dance classes, and performs regularly. Want to know more about our Fall online and in person workshops? The waiting List is already beginning to fill up! Find out more.  Don’t Miss The Latest And Greatest Conscious Burlesque Updates and... read more
I took a burlesque workshop with Madame Merci over a year ago and haven’t missed one since! It has completely changed the way I feel about myself! I was always trying to hide who I was and was terrified of what others thought of me. Through therapy and burlesque I have completely changed the way I feel about myself. No amount of therapy could have done what conscious burlesque has done for me! I say with highest honor… thank you. You have helped transform my life. Sinful Serenity

Workshop Attendee

By showing my body to others in a way that allows me to express those attributes I thought I should hide, I feel a new freedom. I am blooming.  I am showing my true colors, and it feels wonderful.  It’s about allowing myself to shine and giving others the permission to do the same. Thank you, Madame Merci, for the joyous gift you’ve allowed me to safely unwrap. Bloomin' Bad

Workshop Attendee

The normalized approach in our society of either repressing or exploiting sexuality has created a relationship to sexuality that can often be experienced as taboo, dirty, unholy, and covered in veils. In my mind the mission of Conscious Burlesque is to bring all this and even more in to the light and embracing the sacred and profane while reclaiming our sexuality and sensuality for what it is. Serenity Calipso


In the weeks after, I watched dozens of YouTube videos of “regular” burlesque, and attended a live show in Boulder.  Fun.  Interesting.  I get it.  “Regular” burlesque is a jocose risqué parody that revels in sexuality in the numerous places where our society is typically prudish.  As such, it does us a great service. Last night I attended my second show of conscious burlesque.  It sizzled.  I found it even more satisfying than “regular” burlesque.  It wasn’t just gorgeous booty.  It is a story of human psyche, of love gained and love lost. Paul Paiva

M.Div., M.A., CoCreative Journeys